The Crucible Cast List

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John Proctor

Abigail Williams

Reverend John Hale

Elizabeth Proctor

Reverend Parris

Rebeccas Nurse

Fransis Nurse

Judge Danforth

Giles Corey

Thomas Putnam

Ann Putnam

Ruth Putnam


Marry Warren

Betty Parris

Ezekiel Cheever

Judge Hathorne


Mercy Lewis

Sarah Good

Susanna Walcott

Salem Girls

Lead Salem Girl



Jack Russell

Emily Holguin

Justin Baker

Shelby Semands

Derek Hudson

Carly Orr

Tony Piccirilli

Carson Keliehor

David Ferguson / Colton Taylor

Austin Smith

Sally Johnson / Chloe Steffen

Bella Ling / Madilyn Bradley

Talitha Bruman

Malerie Dozier

Kailey Axmaker

Andrew Steward / Jake Nations

Kyle Rodgers

Matthew Guy

Chase Woods

Sally Johnson / Chloe Steffen

Bella Ling / Madilyn Bradley

Sofia Celaya / Casey Cramer / Madison Randolph / Elizabeth West / Cydney Childers

Natalie Wagner

Kyle Rodgers*  / David Ferguson*  / Colton Taylor*  / Caleb Bell

* Denotes actors that will be part of the townspeople ensemble when their character is not on stage

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