2016 Winter Show | Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

Directed By: Suzanne Ray and Jim Derouen

Alice is sitting on a riverbank with her sister feeling bored when a White Rabbit runs by, checking its pocket-watch and announcing that it’s late. Alice leaps up, follows it down an enormous rabbit hole, and embarks on a series of wild and wacky adventures in a world known as Wonderland.


Rebecca Riley as Alice
Jeremiah Hitchcock as Cook
Anastasia Schultz as Humpty Dumpty
Colton Taylor as March Hare
Tristan McNelley as Mad Hatter
Victoria Fincher as Tweedle-Dee
Kenley Moore as Tweedle-Dum
Alexis Hassell as White Rabbit
Nikki Hammond as Mouse
Gyllian Partridge as Red Queen
Patrick O’Connell as Soldier One
Kaden Holt as Knave of Hearts
Dillon Neal as Soldier Two
Savannah Spaulding as Caterpillar
Berkley Walgamott as Duchess
Abby Harrison as Rose
Morgan Coleman as Lily
Kelsey Knutson as Dodo
Sabrina Carpona as What Queen
Justin Wiley as King of Hearts
Hailey Correra as Sister
Tatum Hunt as Lori
Kaylee Hicks as Mock Turtle
Jordan Barton as Daisy
Andrew Steward as Cheshire Cat
Kelsie Murphy as Tulip
Sarah Long as Frog Footman


Stage Manager – Jordan DeRouen
Lighting – Camryn Muston
Lighting – Sydney Webb
Audio – Hannah Tatem
Audio – Rhiannon Westlake
Special Effects – Summer McGaffey
Projection – Lauren Walls
Head of Running Crew – Randi Perales
Running Crew – Jacob Desisto
Running Crew – Corbyn Finn
Running Crew – Dillon Neal
Running Crew – Gabe McKeithen
Costumes – Kayla Williamson