2015 One Act Play | The Crucible

Directed By: Suzanne Ray

In the small puritan town of Salem, Massachusetts, a group of girls go dancing in the woods with local slave Tituba. After being caught by Reverend Samuel Parris, one of the girls, Betty, goes into a coma-like state of being. The way the townspeople interoperate the phenomenon is to suspect the use of witchcraft. To save themselves from death, the girls admit to the use of witchcraft, but also accuse many others in the town to the use of dark arts. In this Arthur Miller classic, we see many scenes of mass hysteria, panic, and all out mayhem that leads to the lives of this once peaceful community to be changed forever.


Jack Russel as John Proctor

Emily Holguin as Abigail Williams

Sally Johnson as Elizabeth Proctor

Andrew Steward as Rev. John Hale

Derek Hudson as Judge Danforth

Austin Smith as Rev. Samuel Parris

Malerie Dozier as Marry Warren

Tony Piccirilli as Ezekiel Cheever

Kailey Axmaker as Betty Parris

Shelby Semands as Rebecca Nurse

Cydney Childers as Ann Putnam

Bella Ling as Mercy Lewis

Chloe Steffen as Susanna Walcott

Casey Cramer as Sarah Good

Madilyn Bradley as Salem Girl


Stage Manager: Natalie Wagner

Lighting: Dawson Dickey

Audio Technician: Kenneth Wei

Backstage Lighting: Dillon Dickey

Projectionist: Chris Clark


Colton Taylor

Talitha Bruman



Advancing Play

All Star Cast
Emily Holguin

Honorable Mention
Jack Russel
Malerie Dozier

Best Technician
Natalie Wagner