2015 Fall Show | The Last Lifeboat

Directed By: Suzanne Ray

THE LAST LIFEBOAT is the untold story of J. Bruce Ismay, the owner of the White Star shipping Line when The Titanic sank, whose decision to save himself rather than go down with the ship made him the scapegoat for one of the greatest disasters of all time. This epic tale explores not only the tragedy itself, but the sensationalized trials and aftermath of the night that changed the world forever.


Andrew Steward / Jack Russell as J.Bruce Ismay

Cydney Childers as Vivian

Malerie Dozier as Florence Ismay

Lucy Franklin as Evelyn Ismay

Lauren Cotton as Margaret Ismay

Madilyn Bradley as Sophie

Karson Axmaker as Angela / Little Girl

Myckah Fynn / Paris Thackeray as Dr. Grenfell

Kailey Axmaker as Mother

Lou Valero as Madeline Astor

Chloe Steffan as Mrs. Ryerson

Sofia Celaya as Lady Peale

Riley Dunn as Mrs. Chase

Kaylyn Myer as Page

Kailey Axmaker as Female Witness #1

Kaylyn Meyer as Female Witness #2

Alexa Orr as Female Witness #3

Faustine Fleuriot as French Wife

Kayla Palmer as Titanic Passenger

Parker Henss as William Randolph

Austin Smith as Thomas Andrews

Kyle Rodgers as Thomas Ismay/Captain Smith

Jeremiah Hitchcock as J.P. Morgan

Parker Henss as John Jacob Astor

Andrew Steward / Jack Russell as Senator Smith

Tony Piccirilli / Colton Taylor as Senator Fletcher

Tony Piccirilli / Colton Taylor as Mr. Franklin

Casey Cramer as Old Woman

Bobby Calk as Chaplain / Irish Journalist

Haven Russell as Mr. Fry

Nick Anthony as Lightoller

Matthew Guy as David Butler / Scottish Journalist

Haven Russell as British Journalist



Dawson Dickey

Hunter Johnson

Rylan Dozier


Spencer Johnson

Cheyenne Parker

Liz Gagliano

Hannah Tatem

Jonathon Bull

Spencer Schmid

Rigging Crew

Randi Perales

Miranda Irvine

Mason LaCour

Running Crew

Ryan Crowe

Garrett Station


Zoey Crouch

Special Effects

Chris Clark

Dylan Koteras

Dillon Dickey

Kayla Williams

Gigi Vinalay

Nolan Johnson

Stage Management

Morgan Phillips

Natalie Wagner

Zach Reed


Amber Neels

Mia Garza

Isabel Judice

Summer McGaffey

Isabelle Lynch

Camryn Muston

Front of House

Cheyanne Parker

Lauren Moss

Camryn Muston